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Welcome to ViXT!
ViXT is an online website owned by 2STOR LTD, a company founded in July 2022 in the United Kingdom. The company is headquartered in London and has a business registration number: 14234065.
"Our previous domain name was 2stor.net, but we recently changed it to vixt.net. We also changed our website's name to ViXT. This change is part of our rebranding efforts and our aim to expand our product offerings."
ViXT offers a wide range of online prepaid cards, including iTunes, Google Play, Steam, mobile recharge cards for Mobily, Zain, and STC, as well as PlayStation and Xbox cards, Facebook and Skype cards. We are always working to expand our offerings to cater to a larger customer base and strive to provide the best and most competitive prices for all our cards.

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